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Kerry Endorses Obama– Quick Thoughts
January 10, 2008

John Kerry backs Barack Obama, declaring “Who better than Barack Obama to turn a new page in American politics?” History gives one pause in describing it as a big boost for Obama.
Think back, four years ago. The immediate past Democratic nominee, Al Gore, endorsed the insurgent campaign of that year– Howard Dean’s, which imploded just a few days later.
This announcement would also seem to confirm the widely-reported tensions within the Kerry-Edwards ticket, four years ago.
Meanwhile, I note that Al Gore’s running mate of ’00, Joe Lieberman, is said to be headed to Florida to campaign for– not Obama, not Clinton, not Edwards– but John McCain.
Lieberman, of course, is now an independent. He was put on the ticket in ’00, at least in part, on the theory he could galvanize Jewish voters, and visited FL often, trying to do that (a little more galvanization, and Lieberman might be finishing up his 2d term as VP). He may well return to some of the same FL condos he worked 8 years ago, trying to do a little galvanizing this time for Republican McCain.
Meanwhile, the FL endorsement all Republican contenders are panting for MAY be forthcoming. Gov. Charlie Crist now says he might endorse someone before the primary on the 29th. Or maybe not– the Gov’s still being coy about it.
They’ve all courted Crist and his 60%+ approval rating. Just today, Rudy Giuliani endorsed the concept of a National Catastrophe Fund, which could help spread the risk from national disasters like hurricanse among several states. The National CAT Fund is high on Crist’s list of priorities.