CPAC Attack- Gov. Crist Mocked

  1757 folks attending the Conservatice Political Action Conference in Washington, express their presidential preferences in a straw poll: 

Mitt Romney – 20 percent
Bobby Jindal – 14 percent
Ron Paul -13 percent
Sarah Palin – 13 percent
Newt Gingrich -10 percent
Mike Huckabee – 7 percent
Mark Sanford – 4 percent
Rudy Guiliani – 3 percent
Tim Pawlenty – 2 percent
Charlie Crist – 1 percent
Undecided – 9 percent

  The pollster who did the survey– Tony Fabrizio– reportedly ended his announcement of the tally by saying “and 1% for Barack Obama’s favorite Republican, Charlie Crist.”

  Florida’s Gov. can console himself with robust poll numbers back home– 67% approval in Quinnipiac’s latest (2/09), including 70% of Republicans.


2 Responses

  1. Let’s see who has a better sense of what the public wants over the next six months or so. Charlie Crist is nothing if not a political animal–he has his ear to the ground. He does nothing that is not politically astute and grounded.

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