The Travails of Taravella

The only Florida high school band marching in tomorrow’s Inaugural parade almost suffered a 20% cutback.  Taravella’s Marching Trojans– 174 strong– found out today they were short 34 credentials.

Would the woodwinds be winnowed, as a result?  Would the band be down a drummer or two?  Given the security at this Inauguration, nobody– NOBODY– will be marching without a credential.  Hey, police dogs sniffed Taravella’s instruments BEFORE they left Coral Springs last Friday.

The Trojans will march intact.  Just after 6, band director Neil Jenkins told me he had the last 5 passes he needed.

Taravella, we’re told, will be the 24th unit in the 4th division of the parade (the parade’s divided into 6 divisions, on for each branch of the Armed Services).  Scheduled step-off time, around 4:30… all 174 band members, properly credentialed.


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  1. I’m glad it worked out for the kids. We are a Coral Glades High Shool music family and are very proud of the representation Taravella will make for Coral Springs and Florida!


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