DC Update– 2 Days Away

  Washington’s weather warmed up a bit (thankfully, temps near 40, instead of the mid-20’s), and the atmosphere heated up quite a bit, in other ways.

  This afternoon’s concert– U2, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Springsteen (what a  lineup!)– also offered us something of a preview of coming gridlock attractions.  My photographer, Steve Paine, arrived at midday, just about the time that hordes of folks were heading to the Lincoln Memorial.  The result?  A two-hour ordeal navigating the Washington Metro from Reagan Airport to our workspace near Union Station– 30 minutes just to get a ticket to ride, then long lines for the trains themselves.

  I fear this is what Steve and everyone else staying in Virginia will face on Tuesday morning.  Bridges to and from Virginia will be closed to most traffic, so the pressure will really be on the Metro system. I may have to sketch Inaugural Day highlights, if Steve gets stuck.

  One prominent Floridian already in town– former Gov. & Sen. Bob Graham, who was taking grandkids to the “Newseum” today.  Sen. Graham (you address him as Senator here or anywhere else outside Florida, but in the Sunshine State, protocol demands you address him as Governor.  He told me that a few years ago.  Very few people pose that particular etiquette quandary.  His grandkids, as I recall, just call him “Doodle”).

  Other South Floridians are arriving.  I talked with Vivian Shelton today, the Miami-Dade schoolteacher who’s taking her granddaughters, age 5 & 7, to the inaugural ceremony.

  Jamaican-born Miami lawyer Marlon Hill is already here, jokingly describing DC weather as “wonderfully warm and cozy” in a text message
(and that was earlier, when temps were in the 20’s).

  And the Washington Post says one of the hottest Inauguration-night parties will be thrown by South FL developer Don Peebles, a member of Obama’s national finance team.  Peebles and wife Katrina will reportedly host a soiree at the Georgetown Club, Tuesday.  Peebles, a DC native, quoted as saying he’s made lots of new friends through the campaign and is hoping to “kind of help them in their transition.”

  I’m sure the transitioning will be  pleasant at the Georgetown Club.


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