On Board for Obama

  I spent the day talking to people searching– without much success– for a place to stay in Washington during Inauguration week.  Attendees could number in the millions.  Hotel room run in the thousand.  You do the math.

  Just got a room myself.  NBC didn’t have hotel rooms set aside.  I’ll lodge in a studio apartment, sleeping on a fold-out couch, for $750 a night.  Still, I feel lucky– Obama volunteer Dan Jonas is talking about campaign out, in a tent. Vicki Hall says, if all else fails, she and her husband will bunk in their Chevy Armada.

   But late in the day, I got wind of an interesting alternative for the lodging-less Obamaphile– the “Yes We Can Cruise”.  It’s being put together by Karen Phillips, an event planner in Broward, among others.

   Phillips and other backers have put a deposit on a cruise ship– the Caribe 1, pictured below.


   525 cabins available.  The price, $1100 a head, with all cabins double occupancy.  Pretty good, compared to $750 a night for fold-out accommodations, but you have to be willing to invest some time.

   The “Yes We Can” cruise, set to depart on Friday, January 16th from Port Everglades.   Scheduled arrival in the Port of Baltimore, Monday at 3PM.  The next morning, buses would take the cruisers from Baltimore to a Metro stop in Maryland, for the commute into DC.

   Organizers I talked with– Phillips and Lauderhill Commissioner Dale Holness, who met each other working as volunteers on the Obama campaign– promise plenty of entertainment on board, though they concede the swimming pool might not get much use after a couple of days of cruising north.

   On the return trip, the Caribe 1 would stop in Freeport on the evening of Friday, January 23rd, before cruising back to Port Everglades on the morning of the 24th.

   Though deposit money’s down, it’s not a totally sure thing yet.  Still, Phillips and Holness expect to tour the ship Monday, and hope to unveil their web site– www.yeswecancruise.com— then, as well.

   We’ll keep you posted.


3 Responses

  1. That is pretty funny. No rooms at the inn, so go ahead and get one on a boat.

    I’m thinking it’s going to be quite a party. Have fun up there.

  2. Yes We Can Wristbands! check them out at http://www.YesWeCanWristbands.us

  3. Is this trip still on?? I’m interested.
    Glenda Swanson-Massa

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