A Florida-Free White House/Cabinet?

NBC’s excellent political unit has put out a list of all the names getting mention (as divined by NBC reporters/producers and all the papers the political unit peruses) for the Obama Cabinet and other top jobs in the new administration.  Missing?  As far as I can see, there are no Floridians on the list (though Robert Rubin… top Obama advisor, ex-Treasury Secy. under Clinton… grew up on Miami Beach).

I noticed that another Miami TV station interviewed Miami Mayor Manny Diaz about a possible post in the Obama administration, citing a “lot of talk” that that might happen.  Diaz, termed out in a year, was a person I’d thought of immediately as a potential Obama pick, but whatever “talk” there’s been has gone below my radar and apparently is escaping the notice of lots of others.

The last couple of administrations, of course, did have Floridians in top jobs (Mel Martinez at HUD, Janet Reno an 8-year AG, Carol Browner heading EPA).  Could the Sunshine State go O for Obama?  Here’s that NBC list–

Agriculture: Vilsack, Leach, Tom Buis (Natl Farmers Union), Stenholm
Interior: Richardson, Inslee, Kitzhaber, Tony Knowles, Salazar
Commerce: Pritzker, Sebelius. Furman
Justice: Holder, Napolitano, Ogletree, Deval Patrick, Comey, Patrick Fitzgerald, Artur Davis
Defense: Gates, Danzig, Hagel, Nunn, Reed, Powell, John Hamre
Labor: Andy Stern, Gephardt, George Miller, Bonior
Education: Joel Klein, Darling-Hammond, Sebelius, Powell, Jim Hunt, Arne Duncan, Inez Tenenbaum
State: Kerry, Richardson, Lugar, Hagel, Holbrooke, Dodd
Energy: Sebelius, Philip Sharp, Rendell, Schwarzenegger, Gore, Bingaman
Transportation: Rendell, James Garvey, Mortimer Downey, Blumenauer, Oberstar
HHS: Daschle, Dean, Eric Whitaker
Treasury: Summers, Geithner, Volcker, Rubin, Corzine, Buffett, Bloomberg, Laura Tyson, Dimon
Homeland Security: Tim Roemer, Ray Kelly, James Lee Witt, Tom Kean Sr., Jane Harman
Veterans Affairs: Cleland, Duckworth
HUD: Clyburn, Valerie Jarrett

OMB: Spratt, Sperling, Furman
EPA: Ian Bowles, RFK Jr, Sebelius, McGinty,

FDA: Nissen; Sharfstein,
NSA: Jim Steinberg, Dennis Ross, Greg Craig, Susan Rice, Tony Lake
FEMA: James Lee Witt

Other mentions for various White House staff posts: David Wilhelm, John Rogers, Bill Daley, Cass Sunstein
Biden chief of staff: Ron Klain


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