“Danes for Change”– Off-Limits

  An unusual addition to the army of volunteers on South Florida streets for Barack Obama has just arrived.  They call themselves the “Danes for Change”– a dozen folks from Denmark who are being housed by Obama supporters in Miami’s Morningside neighborhood, and working out of a campaign office in the city’s Design District.

   I thought that was worth a story, so I got in touch with one of the Morningside hosts Thursday afternoon.  He was enthusiastic, but an hour or two later I got a call from local Obama campaign spokesman, Alejandro Miyar.  He asked about my interest in the “Danes for Change”, saying– “We have people coming in from all over.”  I replied, I though few were coming from across the ocean.  He said he had an urgent call to take, but would get back to me.

   But the next communication I had was a call from a very pleasant Dane named “Ulra” (sp?).  He said he and his fellow Danes would love to help me with my story, but had been told “it will not be possible.”

   He wasn’t clear on who had spiked the story, but a campaign source later confirmed my suspicions– that the Obama folks are a little touchy about any publicity that makes their guy look “more European and less American”.

   I’m sorry the story fell through– in large measure by the lead sentence I’d planned, borrowed from “My Fair Lady”, will go unused– “The Danes for Change plainly oppose McCain”.


One Response

  1. The response that was given is typical of the Obama campaign and should not surprise anyone.
    There is no room in the Obama campaign for ANY kind of veriations to any news. It is to be positive and uplifting always. There is a total of 27% negative news coverage for Obama and 57% for McCain.

    I am very disappointed in the media. The job of a journalist is to report the NEWS. It is to be presented as a whole picture not bits and pieces of a story. The people deserve to have TRUTH in the news not serps of what they (the media) believe to be news worthy.

    I am surprised that the people of South Florida especially be drawn in to that kind of charisma again.

    I remember a time when we had another darling in the media and everyone believed his message for change and reform. He was well spoken and outgoing, very persuasive. That wonder boy was FIDEL CASTRO.

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