Obama Rally Observations

Just a few tidbits that we didn’t have time for on TV…

   Above the rally flew a banner plane, bearing the message “BARACK REPUDIATE AYERS– MICHELLE REPUDIATE DOHRN”.  Ayers, of course, is Bill Ayers, the former Weather Underground leader whose associations with Obama (serving on two non-profit boards, holding a “meet the candidate” event at Ayers’ home in Obama’s first political race) have been a major source of campaign controversy.  “Dohrn” is Bernardine Dohrn, Ayers’ wife and also a radical leftist leader of the 60’s (indeed, in my memory of the time, she was better known than Ayers).  Neither Obama mentioned Ayers/Dohrn or the plane.

   Not sure who did the seating arrangements, but the stage in back of the podium had a lot of assistant US Attornies from the Miami office on it, including Dick Gregorie, who’s prosecuted some of the office’s biggest anti-drug cases (Manuel Noriega, among others).

   And it was good news/bad news for Annette Taddeo, the Democrat challenging Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the 18th Congressional District.  The candidate mentioned her at both his stops in South Florida.  At his Lake Worth “Jobs Summit” event, he got the name right– “Tuh-DAY-oh”.  But in her hometown, Obama mangled it– “TODDY-oh”.


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