Flutist Furious at McCain-Palin

      South Florida flutist Nestor Torres is ticked that a McCain-Palin press release implied he’s a supporter.  The released promised that “Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), St. Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff and renowned flutist Nestor Torres will attend the ‘Viva Broward’ rally” last Sunday, with Lieberman holding a press conference afterward.

      The clear implication is that Torres- who did perform at the celebration of Hispanic culture- supports McCain-Palin.  “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I DO NOT SUPPORT McCAIN!” was his e-mailed response to my question about it.  “I am with Obama a thousand percent.”  Torres asked if I’d forward a copy of the release to him “so I can reply accordingly.”

      And speaking of press releases that stretch the truth — Linda Bird, candidate for State Senate, deserves a special mention.  Her campaign manager Mara Leventhal, sent out a release claiming that Hillary Clinton, at an Obama “Get Out the Vote” rally in Fort Lauderdale, “urged the crowd to vote for Linda in her Senate race against Jeff Atwater.”  Leventhal gushed “we couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader than Hillary.”

    I was at the rally, and went back to the videotape to make sure I hadn’t missed something.  Hillary Clinton did do some “cheerleading” for Congressional candidates Joe Garcia and Raul Martinez, “two men I hope you will help send to Congress.”

     Her mention of Bird was kind of a PS.   In its entirety: “I also want to acknowledge a woman running for the State Senate, Linda Bird.  Thank you, Linda, for running.”  No pom-poms in sight.


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