History Reverses Itself?

  The CNN/Time poll of this week had a slightly startling bottom line– Obama and McCain tied in Florida in a head-to-head matchup, 48%-48%.  Most other polls still show McCain with a lead in the state.

  A less-publicized result caught my eye– when minor party candidates Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and Cynthia McKinney are added into the mix, CNN/Time reports the result as Obama 48%, Mccain 44%, Others 6%. 

  I couild find no breakdown of the relative strength of those “third-party” contenders, but the result seems counter-intuitive– you’d figure that Nader (running on the Ecology Party line in FL) and McKinney (ex-Georgia congresswoman who’s the Green Party candidate) would take more votes from Obama.  Barr (Libertarian Party standard-bearer, ex-Congressman from Georgia) might attract conservatives uncomfortable with McCain’s “maverick” (moderate) Republican past.

  If the poll accurately gauges FL voter sentiment, and third-party candidates wind up turning Florida blue this fall, the irony’s obvious.  After all, plenty of Democrats still blame Ralph Nader’s candidacy for the George Bush presidency.  He drew 97,000 votes as Green Party candidate when George W. Bush famously won Florida by 537 votes.


One Response

  1. Individuals who blame Nader for the loss of Gore in 2000 are delusional. Voters should vote for who they believe to be the best candidate, and all people have an equal right to run for president, no matter what their political beliefs.

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