Denver Diaz Follow Up

Aides to Mayor Manny Diaz have similar, but conflicting stories about why he didn’t speak last night as scheduled (see previous post).  The aide travelling with the Mayor, Helena Poleo, says the Mayor was sick, feeling so poorly he was hustled off the to a first-aid tent.  Asked about why hizzoner was limping, she blamed a recurring ankle injury. 

An aide back in Miami, Kelly Penton, told me Diaz felt so poorly he did, in fact, take a fall, and was whisked by wheelchair to a first-aid tent.  By the time he felt well enough to be up and around, his speaking slot had passed by.

Penton doesn’t know what caused Diaz to feel badly in the first place– altitude, she speculated.

Meanwhile, the gossip columnist at the web site reported on an unnamed speaker “who got ‘sick’ and had to bail…prior to the incident, this official was seen at a dinner party with an open bar — ahem. “He is known to have a few liquid refreshments,” tattles one source. Maybe the altitude got to him?”

So I had to ask– had the Mayor had any cocktails last night?  Penton says she can’t imagine it, that her boss is too focussed on his public-speaking to jeopardize his big shot on the national stage.  Poleo says he was busy with Conference of Mayors events, not socializing.

Still, the story that Diaz over-indulged is making the rounds back in Miami… one former city employee telling me, he got a phone call about it from Denver last night.

The Mayor’s re-scheduled for 7PM EDT tomorrow night.


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