FL’s One-Sided Ad War

    Nearly every Florida viewer/voter has to have seen at least one– those Barack Obama “here’s who I am” ads that have been running since the Illinois Senator wrapped up the nomination.

    Well, the University of Wisconsin’s “Advertising Project” reports today that Obama’s spent $5,028,000 on Florida’s airwaves thus far… more than in any other state.  Because he and other Democrats skipped our outlaw primary, perhaps that’s no big surprise– Obama’s airing the introductory ads that ran in other states months ago.

    Overall, Florida ranks #4 in campaign-ad spending since the general election race came into focus in early June.  The combined spending of the McCain and Obama campaigns is greatest ($10-million) in Pennsylvania, followed by Ohio, Michigan, and then Florida.

    Other interesting factoids from the UW study:

·        In terms of issues, the two campaigns largely appear to be talking past each other. The top three issues that Senator Obama addressed in his television ads were jobs, welfare, and defense policy, respectively.  Senator McCain talked about energy policy, national defense, and economic recession in his ads.

 ·      Throughout the primaries Senator Obama labeled himself the candidate of change.  Since winning the Democratic nomination, however, less than 1 percent of his ads mention the word change.

·        Senator McCain used the word hope in over 34 percent of his ads, while Senator Obama has not used the word hope since June 3rd.

·        Once the target of much criticism for not wearing an American flag pin on his lapel, Senator Barack Obama featured the flag in over 68 percent of his ads. The flag appeared in approximately 37 percent of Senator McCain’s television advertisements.

·        In terms of total campaign advertising, the Philadelphia market has received the most campaign spots, followed by the Detroit and Cleveland markets.  (No FL city made the top 20)


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