FL/MI Delegate Showdown

   In Washington DC, to watch FL Dems ask to have their votes counted.  Expect an absolutist argument– seat all FL delegates, according to the results of our “outlaw” January primary.

   The problem?– no one expects that to happen, not even Jon Ausman, the author of one of Fl’s two appeals that the Rules & Bylaws Committee will hear.  When I pointed that out to ex-Hialeah Mayor and current Congressional candidate Raul Martinez– one of the presenters of the Ausman appeal– his response was: “The fact that you expect it or not– you can’t just go in with a defeatist attitude.”

   In actual fact, though Clinton supporters outnumber Obamanians on the RBC, it’s likely that these party functionaries will want Fla. (and Michigan, which also flouted party rules by moving its primary up, before Super Tuesday) to feel the sting of some punishment.

   So– FL’s delegate strength may get cut in half.  That’s the same punishment Republicans meted out to the state for breaking their rules.  

   Though that would give Clinton an edge in FL delegates of somewhere between 6-19 delegates, the Obama folks are unlikely to oppose it.  Cong. Robert Wexler– who will present the Obama campaign position– says he’ll make an agnostic argument, something like “You figure out the formula for reinstating some FL delegates, and we’ll live by the formula.”

   Fact is, the Obamanians are far enough ahead to be generous, and their priority is to put all this to rest.  Obama has a rally scheduled Monday in Troy, Michigan, and you can bet he doesn’t want to show up there without some resolution of Michigan’s delegate dilemma.  


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