Obama a Drag in So. FL Races?

After having pretty much written off Hillary Clinton even in the afterglow of her PA win, this week’s news punditry finds a faint political pulse.

She gets an endorsement from North Carolina’s governor today (NC’s primary is Tuesday, and a new national poll shows her leading McCain by 9 points, while Obama’s ahead by only 2.  Finally– some backup for her argument she’s more “electable.”  Previous polling showing Obama running better against McCain had made Clinton’s argument ring hollow. 

Now, the web site politico.com is quoting Republicans who say that doubts about Obama–stemming from the controversy over Rev. Wright and the candidate’s comments that “bitter” small-town residents “cling to” God and guns because they’re alienated from Washington– may not only make him easier to run against, but may make their mission of holding onto endangered Congressional seats easier.

South Florida, cited specifically in the article by John Kraushaar– “Republicans believe they can also exploit Obama’s vulnerabilities in House battlegrounds where he has struggled to win over key demographic groups. Those areas include three culturally conservative seats in Pennsylvania, where Obama lost badly in last week’s primary, and three Cuban-American districts in Florida that Democrats are seriously contesting for the first time.”


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