Decision ’07// Candidacy ’09

Miami Commissioner Tomas Regalado voted to re-elect himself this morning, but was talking mostly about his run for Mayor in ’09. His comments were conditi0nal– “If everything goes well today…”. But nobody thinks Regalado will have trouble beating perennial candidate Evaristo Marina.
Regalado’s the most consistent commission critic of Mayor Manny Diaz, but he isn’t running against Diaz, who’s term-limited out of office in ’09. Still, expect Regalado to campaign against Diaz’ policies on zoning and growth, even if Diaz himself isn’t on the ballot.
So who else might run for Mayor in two years? City Commissioner Joe Sanchez seems a good possibility. So, perhaps, is City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, though given Miami’s demographics, it’s hard for many to envision an “Anglo” winning a city-wide race.
Two County Commissioners might get in– Carlos Gimenez, who had a long city career as a firefighter, fire chief, and city manager before getting elected to his Metro job. And Bruno Barreiro, whose County Commission district contains a good chunk of central Miami.


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