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DNC Says "No Way"
September 25, 2007

No surprise here– the national Democrats are rejecting a request by Sen. Bill Nelson and Cong. Alcee Hastings that sanctions against Florida’s Democrats be lifted. Democratic Chairman Howard Dean sent a letter to the Floridians last night, pointing out that delegate selection rules were overwhelmingly approved over a year ago, and rejecting any suggestion he re-visit the issue.
Nelson has hinted he’ll sue, the Dean and the DNC don’t back down. No word yet on any lawsuit.
Florida’s being punished for moving its primary to January 29th. DNC rules allow only four states to choose delegates before February 5th, and Florida isn’t one of them.
So the standoff continues– and the Associated Press reports that Florida’s Republican party has sent out a mailing to Democrats, urging them to switch to a party where their votes will count toward selecting delegates. The January 29th primary date also violates Republican Party rules, but the GOP is only cutting Florida’s delegates in half, and isn’t banning its candidates from campaigning here.


Bogert’s Blog Gets A Facelift
September 14, 2007

Watch for new postings from NBC 6 Political reporter Nick Bogert. For an archive of his previous postings,
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